[新聞] Dow suffers worst Black Friday selloff

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原文標題:Dow suffers worst Black Friday selloff since 1931 原文連結:https://reurl.cc/EZlVRA 原文內容: Shoppers typically bear the brunt of Black Friday frenzy while clamoring over discounted holiday merchandise, but concerns over the new COVID variant gave investors and traders a dollop of holiday volatility Friday. The Dow Jones Industrial Index (^DJI) settled down 905 points (2.53%) in its worst post-Thanksgiving Day performance since 1931. The S&P 500 (^GSPC) and the Nasdaq Composite (^IXIC), meanwhile, turned in their worst-ever returns post-Turkey Day. Interactive Brokers Chief Strategist Steve Sosnick told Yahoo Finance Live that investors "had really gotten very sanguine about the risks in the market." Sosnick added that investors need to prepare for events like Friday ahead of time. Otherwise, protection becomes expensive just when it's needed. "I don't want to overreact one way or the other too much today because hopefully, you shouldn't be too spooked by a drawdown of 2% to 4% in your holdings," he said. "But I think this is the reminder that says, 'Okay, if a day like today spooks me, I've got too much risk on.'" The most recently brutal Black Friday took place on Friday November 27, 2009, when concerns over a sovereign debt crisis erupted with news that Dubai World threatened to default on $26 billion in debt. As investors faced the largest potential restructuring since Argentina in 2001, Dow futures (YM=F) careened as much as 4.3% overnight but found their footing as Europe opened early Friday morning. Then it was off to the races in the U.S., with the Dow recovering all the losses by the following Tuesday — setting up a Santa Claus rally for year-end. At the time, the Federal Reserve's first round of quantitative easing (QE1) was still a tailwind, as it is now. And while the sovereign debt crisis would wreak havoc on global markets the following year, 2009 ended quietly with gains of 18.9% This year, Black Friday shaped up a bit differently: Dip buyers in stocks were nowhere to be found in Friday's abbreviated session. The three majors plus the Russell 2000 (^RUT) closed near the session lows. A surge into bonds, meanwhile, caused the biggest drop in long-term yields since the original COVID carnage in March 2020. History provides some clues as to what comes next, as the Dow has sold off 0.5% or more 23 times on the day after Thanksgiving in its 125-year history. In those years, the Dow averaged a return of 4.2% up to Black Friday and lost -0.1% into year-end, producing an average return of 2.3%. And with the S&P 500 up 25% before Thanksgiving this year, it becomes worthwhile to break down the results further. There were 13 years of .5% Black Friday drops in which the Dow was positive going into Thanksgiving, boasting average returns of 16.9%. Both the average and median gains into year-end for this group were 2.7%. The only year to suffer a decline was 1896 (incidentally, the Dow had only been in use for about six weeks at the time). A few other eventful years make the list, such as 1987 — a time in which the Dow suffered its greatest ever one-day loss of 22.6% on October 19, 1987, dubbed "Black Monday." After a 1.87% loss on the Black Friday following Thanksgiving, the Dow went on to rally 1.5% into year-end. 心得/評論: 道瓊昨天創下經濟大蕭條之後感恩節開盤第一個交易日最大跌幅 史上第三 附帶一提也是今年最大單日跌幅 沒看新聞還不知道原來又見證歷史了 --
1Fthbygn98: 好奇德國跌幅有沒有進紀錄 11/27 17:12
2Fpttccbbs: 今年而已喔,小問題,沒一天跌10%,別叫我 11/27 17:12
3Fpttccbbs: 一對人還滿水位,離股票斷頭還很遠 11/27 17:13
4Fpttccbbs: 這個價位,我都懶得看了,離進場,還早,還早 11/27 17:15
5FpoisonB: 這只是剛開始 11/27 17:15
6Fpttccbbs: 恒大還沒破產,美元債券受害者,都還沒出現抗議, 11/27 17:16
7Fpttccbbs: 還早還早 11/27 17:16
8Fkyova: 笑數偶惹...之前也有人喊高手今年過年前就空手了... 11/27 17:20
9FRattlesnake: 不夠不夠 跌多一點現在那麼高是怎麼買 11/27 17:21
10FRattlesnake: 真懷疑價值投資者誕十年來是要怎麼進場 11/27 17:21
11FRattlesnake: 股價火星那麼高 怎麼買得下去 11/27 17:21
12FRattlesnake: 搞到連巴飛特只好類一些小扁東西還被騙 11/27 17:22
13Faegis43210: 沒跌3%根本不算什麼 11/27 17:24
14FFireStarman: 還早還早,滿手現金的眼紅到現在,記得沒人跳樓都 11/27 17:26
15FFireStarman: 不要進場 11/27 17:26
16FRattlesnake: 真希望美股走個大空頭幾年回深一點 11/27 17:26
17FRattlesnake: 不過不可能 跌沒多少就會再回到上升勢了 11/27 17:26
18Fjimmyid4: 快過年了,高手是不是應該又空手了。 11/27 17:27
19FRattlesnake: 最好再來個單日百分之二十 八九年單日狂殺 11/27 17:28
20FRattlesnake: 不然十年多頭 根本沒人知道風險是什麼了 11/27 17:28
21FAllBlack: 歐印VT 11/27 17:31
22Fboombastick: 高手年前就空手了! 11/27 17:34
23Fjacky88101: 高手金融海嘯前就空手了 11/27 17:36
24Fmrasta: 2%而已大驚小怪,一週熔斷三次再叫我,去年常看到 11/27 17:36
25Ftim30816: 少年股神還沒被抬出場 還早還早 11/27 17:40
26Fneowfish: 高手從去年過年後股災就空手至今 11/27 17:48
27Fboombastick: 想請問各位高手 要回檔多少才要進場呢? 11/27 17:55
28Fjose777: 這次要是崩崩,FED還有什麼招? 11/27 17:58
29Fjason2641668: 無限 QE 就是印太少就加印啊 11/27 18:04
30Fjason2641668: 會崩就代表印不夠 11/27 18:04
31FFireStarman: 現金仔還在幻想跌的跟去年一樣喔,夢裡等吧 11/27 18:05
32Fbandongo: 怕啥小啦 Qe催下去 再來10個病毒也不怕 11/27 18:08
33Ftowierc: 印太少 11/27 18:11
34FHwaSIn: 便宜治百病,股價跌多一點,任何疾病不藥而癒 11/27 18:15
35FKobe5210: 錢少的喜歡酸錢多的XD...[沒風險意識=你不是有錢人] 11/27 18:20
36Fjose777: 大家都這樣想,FED偏不印又會如何呢? 11/27 18:26
37FFireStarman: 不印就繼續崩啊,大家一起死的概念,棒棒der 11/27 18:29
38Fsova0809: 美國家庭這波資產上漲大部分是靠這次美股抬升 FED讓 11/27 18:31
39Fsova0809: 美股垮下來會造成怎樣結果自己去想 還別說一堆退休 11/27 18:31
40Fsova0809: 基金都綁在這面 11/27 18:32
41FpoisonB: 連Powell都壓身家在S&P 500了 11/27 18:33
42FpoisonB: 講到這不禁令人緬懷S&Pstrongbuy大大 11/27 18:34
43Fkyova: ...不空手就是沒風險意識,也不是有錢人...搞笑嗎 11/27 19:44
44Fsyterol: 一直希望市場教育人風險的心態實在太扭曲 11/27 20:41
45Fs1023: 還沒熔斷都還好啦 11/28 01:42

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